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-Since 1996-  Redeeming the new look to quality patio furniture for a fraction of the cost of new!

Please visit our other website for all of your DIY replacement patio or pool furniture slings, vinyl strapping, vinyl lacing or webbing, patio furniture replacement parts, lawn chair repairs, and more!

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Patio Furniture Sling Replacement in Amelia fabricDeck Chair Sling Material ReplacementsPatio Pool Outdoor Fabric Sling ReplacementsWinston Patio Furniture Sling Replacement - TexasPatio Furniture Outdoor Fabric Sling ReplacementsMallin Chair Sling ReplacementsPool Furniture Fabric Sling Replacements 

The pictures of patio chair sling replacements above are from our customers' own DIY Patio Furniture Rehab. See their responses and others here!

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If you have any questions about your Winston, Woodard, Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Mallin, Molla, Telescope, Carter Grandle, Agio, or other quality patio or pool furniture repairs, replacement parts, sling fabric replacements, vinyl strapping supplies, or other replacement parts please feel free to contact us or visit

Email: You may email us and if we do not get back with you the same day generally you will receive a reply within 2 business days.

Phone: At this time our office hours do vary, however you may leave a message on our recorder at anytime 24/7 by calling 724-748-5382. In most cases we will return your call within 2 business days.

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A+Redemption, Inc. - Patio Furniture Rehab receives customers at our location by appointment only. An appointment can be confirmed and a map to our location supplied via email.

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All pictures of furniture found on this website or our other website are actual pictures that we or our customers have taken of restoration or products produced and/or supplied through A+Redemption, Inc.. You will  not find stock photos of furniture here, so you can know that what you see is what you get.