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Patio Furniture Rehab - Customer DIY Outdoor Patio or Pool Fabric Sling Replacements for Winston, Woodard,
Tropitone, Mallin, Agio, Carter Grandle, Brown Jordan, Innova, Telescope,  and More!

This page is offered to our customers for posting pictures of the Patio Furniture Rehab they have completed with our Replacement Slings. If you would like to add your testimonial just email us with a picture(s) of your completed DIY projects along with whatever text of personal information you would permit. We wish to thank those of you who have submitted your Patio Furniture Rehab for display here!

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Kevin from CT chose our Sea Breeze fabric for his Brown Jordan Quantum chaise slings:

Excellent product! Wonderful!


 Steve Lentz from Virginia chose our Standard Textilene® Putty outdoor fabric for his Carter Grandle pool furniture slings:

Thought I'd share a picture of my now good-as-new patio furniture set along with a couple words of advice.

First, the Irwin clamps are absolutely essential.  I needed one to use as a spreader as you recommend, but also needed them as clamps for some of the furniture.  The rails on the backs of my recliners are permanently connected by arches of spring steel, I needed two clamps to squeeze the rails together so I could slide the new slings on.  After releasing the clamps, they sprang back to their normal shape. 

Second, before starting, take a look at the screws which will be used to tension the springs. Get whatever bits and adapters are necessary so you can tighten these screws with a rachet.  There's not a lot of space between the fabric and the chair frame, so turning these with a screwdriver or allen wrench isn't much fun.  The screws on my chairs needed a 3/16" hex (Allen) wrench.  I did the first two chairs with the Allen wrench, eventually reaching the point where I had to reposition the wrench every 1/6th turn.  After that I went to the hardware store and for $2.50 got a driver bit, but this in my rachet and finished the other two chairs in half the time and with no scraped knuckles.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the results and recommend A+ Redemption to anyone.

Best Regards,

Steve Lentz

McLean, Virginia

Kristi Clabo chose our Honeycomb outdoor fabric for her Agio patio furniture replacement slings:




Attached are a couple Pictures of "Before" and "After" of the slings we got from you.
The fabric was Honeycomb and you cut the chaise Backs to the specs/pic we sent.
They turned out great and we had no problems installing.
I wish I would have known about your website several years ago!!
Kristi Clabo


Brenda from Oregon chose our Textilene® Adobe fabric for her aptio furniture sling replacements:


Attached is a picture of my chairs after I recovered them in Adobe. 

We are really glad we found your website.

We were able to apply the new fabric very easy.

Chuck from Arizona chose our Standard Textilene® Putty fabric for his Winston outdoor patio furniture:

Hello, A+ Redemption


Here is the rehab of our Chaise Sling chairs They look great and just took a few hours to redo.


Thanks Great product


Amy chose one of our sweet fabrics called Honeycomb for her patio chair sling replacements:

I'm so glad I chose this fabric!  It actually looks better in person than it does in pictures, believe it or not.  It's a simple, classic fabric that goes beautifully with our black chairs and table.  A+Redemption was just about one of the easiest online transactions I've ever done!  Thanks for getting my slings to me so quickly.  And, the soapy water you recommended we use to get the old slings to slide off was GENIOUS!! 



Amy G.

Carmel, IN.

Melissa from  Arizona chose our replacement slings using the Sunsure® Stripe Kiwi fabric:



I did the rehabilitation of my chairs and ottomans today and am very pleased with my results.  All of my children were involved and we had a great morning!  Now to hit the pool and sit on our new/old chairs without falling through!  Thank you for the speedy delivery and easy to follow directions.  I do however recommend a set of pipe clamps for chairs that have welded spreaders….they made it so simple to slide the fabric on!  I looked at my friend’s patio chairs too, and recommended your company to order her replacements! 


Thank you A+Redemption!

Maureen T. of Lexington, KY restored the beauty of her Woodard outdoor furniture chair slings using our Leisuretex® Mohave fabric:

Our Woodard patio chairs are 23 years old.  The sling fabric was worn, torn, and stained.  We are very pleased with our "new" chair.  The replacement slings save a lot of money and rehab is earth friendly!       

Maureen T. of Lexington, KY


Jerry Moore from Ohio chose our Leisuretex® Green Bamboo Leaf fabric sling replacements and installed them well on Carter Grandle patio furniture:






The furniture does look good, and I am glad I was able to find replacement fabric. It was not hard to do. It just took a little time. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Sincerely, Jerry Moore

Florin G. from Michigan completed this patio furniture rehab using our Leisuretex® Matrix fabric replacement sling:




We ordered material for one of our chairs and the size fit perfectly. We were very happy with it.

Thank you.-Florin G

Nancy from PA chose the Leisuretex® Amelia outdoor fabric for new sling replacements on her Winston furniture:


Here are pictures of a finished chair with the new fabric. Was not too hard to do. Only problem was getting support bars in. 


Jim Purcell from Union, Kentucky chose our Sunsure® Sierra Sands outdoor fabric for his replacement slings and offers an alternative method for installing the slings:



We are very happy with the results!!


I purchased replacement slings for a 15 year old Innova with a straight back bar. The chairs were white with a light colored sling. I removed the old slings, painted the chairs black and then installed the new fabric (Sierra Sands). They look like new chairs. Before and after pictures are included.


The measurements were dead on. However, I did have to modify your instructions to make the install. On the Innova with the straight back bar the sequence that worked best for me was as follows:


    *   Cut away old sling

    *   Remove track on one side

    *   Slightly loosen bolts on the track that is still attached to chair

    *   Install sling first into track that is still attached to chair

    *   Then install sling into the removed track

    *   Most importantly pull fabric all the way up the track into its final position before installing straight back bar

    *   Install removed track leaving the bolts loose

    *   Use spreader bar to install straight back bar

    *   Then tighten all bolts.


Once I figured out how to modify the instructions the install only took about 20 minutes per chair.


Thanks for you help and a great product.


Jim Purcell


Union, KY

Note from Patio Furniture Rehab: The method this customer offers can be used for some installations but in some cases (depending on the furniture manufacturer and fabric choice)  you may find the spreader bar will not spread the rails far enough apart to install the straight bar so using the method found here may help. Tropitone furniture made installation of the straight bar easier than most as they have a cut out on one side for you to insert the bar where the end cap is placed.

Jim H. from Frankford, Illinois chose our Leisuretex® Amelia fabric for new replacement slings on his Winston outdoor patio furniture:

The slings arrived at noon and by 3:00PM I was finished and washed up with lunch under my belt.  Couldn't have been easier. 

A+Redemption was very easy to work with.

Jim H.

Frankfort, IL

Will Randolph chose our Nottingham fabric for his patio chair replacement slings:

We installed the Nottingham fabric to our 10 year old Mallin chairs. They look brand new!. The installation was quite easy. As well as the ordering process. Thank you very much. 
Will Randolph

John Cotton from Texas installed our custom made Brown Jordan Nomad 2-pc chair sling replacements choosing the Sunsure® Royal Cafe' outdoor fabric:

Hi Denny,

  The new slings for our Nomad chairs arrived yesterday as scheduled.   This morning we re-assembled the chairs and they look fantastic!!! ~ and are wonderfully comfortable too!!!   A while ago you sent me a couple of pictures from another customer who asked you to remake slings for them.   So I thought that I would send you a couple of pictures of the product you made for us.   Please feel free  to the pictures in any manner you want.    I do have other pictures if you want something taken from another angle.     We really are delighted with the work done for us.   Please say thank you to the seamstress who did the actual  sewing.   The work is exemplary.   It's so nice to see  the result of skill and pride in something these days.
  By the way,  in addition to the offer of other pictures, please feel free to use us as references for your service.
    Monette and John Cotton 

Phillip S. from Richmond, VA did a wonderful job on his Winston Key West patio furniture choosing our Leisuretex® Golden Mistletoe sling replacements:

The project has been completed and we are extremely satisfied with the results.  Your fabric is a great match with our patio/house and the installation instructions made the whole job relatively painless.

Thank you for the glides, which nicely capped off the final product!

You have my permission to use the photos attached as well as my endorsement.

Thanks, Denny!

Maureen Terry Morehead from Virginia chose our Leisuretex® Olive Tea Leaf outdoor fabric patio chair replacement slings:

Here are the pictures using the replacement slings -- makes the set look
brand new all over again!

Please know that we are extremely happy with the quality, service, and how
our chairs turned out.

Thank you,
Maureen Terry Morehead

Sandy and Don from Wisconsin chose the Textilene® Putty fabric for their Patio Furniture Rehab sling replacements:

After doing two chairs we have decided to do the others so we need to order the same products and size/color as on order # 809043... By the way, we love your product.

Sandy Goodspeed and/ or Don Michels

Fred and Florie Baumann from California chose our Phifertex® Cane Wicker Desert fabric for their Patio Furniture chair sling replacements:

We like the replacement Desert fabric slings for our Brown Jordan Nomad chairs even better than the original fabric.  The installation went well and we are very satisfied overall.

Fred and Florie Baumann, Walnut Creek, CA

Dr Nezih Y. of Fullerton, CA. chose our Leisuretex® Montego outdoor fabric for his Pool Chaise Sling replacement:

Very good quality material finished with high quality workmanship. Was easy to assemble.



Dr. Nezih Y.

Fullerton, CA

Don Young from the state of Washington had his Brown Jordan Nomad slings replaced using our Textilene® White fabric:

We love our chairs (they almost look like new) and want to thank you so very much for your hard work and for getting them to us before Memorial Day Weekend. 

Don Young

Nancy N. from Houston, TX chose our Textilene® Jade Green outdoor fabric replacement slings to brighten up her Winston patio furniture:

The new slings arrived and were installed the next day. They went on smoothly and make my 11 year old Winston Chairs look brand new. It took about 30 minutes for the first chair but then the others were done in about 15 minutes each.

Thanks Nancy N
Houston, Texas

Don Smith from Houston, Texas chose our Leisuretex® Olive Tea Leaf fabric replacement slings for their Telescope patio furniture:

We have Telescope patio furniture that is 22 years old!  The slings and end caps were in terrible shape, but we knew the powder-coated all aluminum frames were still in great shape.  We ordered the Olive Tea Leaf fabric and after installing the new slings, the furniture is practically new again.
Don Smith
Houston, Texas

Robert M. from St. Louis, Missouri chose both our Forest Green fabric and the Leisuretex® Green Bamboo Leaf fabric replacement slings for his Patio and Pool Furniture:


Attached are pictures of the furniture you finished the slings for.

They look great.

Thank you.

Robert M.

Susan N. from Wilson, NC. installed her Patio Furniture Rehab replacement sling using our Leisuretex® Sienna Tea Leaf fabric:

I am sending you a picture of the chaise we replaced w/ your sling yesterday.  It took no time at all and looks fabulous! 

Susan N.

Terry B. from Arkansas chose our Textilene® Camel fabric replacement slings for his Agio porch chairs:

The A+Redemption website had easy-to-follow instructions.  In little over an hour I had two like-new chairs.  I will recommend them to my friends.  Terry B of Bull Shoals, AR

John H. from Virginia chose our Leisuretex® Brass Filigree fabric chair sling replacements:

Thanks again, I really love my chairs and look forward to another great eight years with them. 

Sarah H. from California installed this choosing our Leisuretex® Tan Tea Leaf outdoor fabric chair sling replacement:

Attached is a picture of my chair with a new replacement sling in Tan Tea Leaf. It looks great and was easy to install.
Thanks so much and I look forward to replacing the other chairs with your chair slings.

Joe and Judy from Fayetteville, Georgia with our Phifertex® Cane Wicker Grass fabric pool furniture chair replacement slings:

We are so pleased with the replacement slings. The fabric looks great and the installation was a breeze. We loved our pool furniture but the slings were looking worn. Now the entire set looks like new. Thanks for all your help and for saving us money!

Mark & Brenda E from Illinois choosing our Aluminum Filigree outdoor fabric pool chair sling replacemnts:

P.S The sling fits and looks great.

Paul Thomas from Roseville, MN with our standard Burgundy fabric replacement chair slings:


Included are a few pictures of the patio sling chair I recently re-slung
using your products.  As you can see in the images, the project was a
success.  We love the burgundy color we chose.

It was quite simple using your sized, cut and sewn material.  I've included
an image close-up of one of the slots where the material is inserted to
offer a hint.  I used a file and rounded the corners of the slot before
trying to slide the material up the slot.  It made it MUCH easier to slide
the material up the slot.


Thank you for your product and communicating when my product shipped.  
Paul Thomas

Mark H. from Columbus, OH used our Grass fabric chaise and chair sling replacements:


The instructions on the web site were very helpful in making our sling installations go easily.  The chairs are comfortable and feel sturdy.

Before and after on some Winston Key West using our Metallic Braid outdoor fabric replacement slings:


Dear A+ - just finished the 2 'test' chairs on my patio set. It was very easy to do and the slings were a perfect fit. Love the look. Getting ready to order replacement slings for the entire set. My wife is thrilled at how easy it was and how good the chairs look.  Attached some before / after pics and will highly recommend your site to all.


Ron Cocco from PA with our Adobe fabric outdoor patio chair sling replacements:

I could not be happier with the slings both in quality and price. Instructions were great and they now look like new chairs.  I would recommend your company to anyone interested in this type of product. In addition you were very accommodating on my measuring error and redid one sling at a very reasonable price .

Thanks again and looking forward to using your company again if the need arises.

Ron Cocco

Bart V.I. from Suwanee, Georgia with our Montera fabric chair and chaise replacement slings:

Great service & good tips on the web site. Spreader was a great investment and replacement was a breeze.


Ken R  from Enterprise, AL with our Sienna Tea Leaf slings for his Woodard  patio furniture chairs:

The slings fit great and install was easy and now my furniture looks brand new ! I highly recommend A+ Redemption  Ken R  Enterprise, AL.

B. Harrell from Suffolk, Virginia with our Grass fabric replacement slings for their Tropitone recliner patio chairs:


The slings were installed by amateurs in about 2 hours. The 10 year old chair looks terrific. The chair looks so nice that we are ordering more slings to freshen up the rest of the furniture. 

B. Harrell

Suffolk, Virginia 


Rolf S., Nassau / Bahamas with our Forest Cafe fabric sling replacements for his Winston patio chaise furniture:

The slings were shipped on time, they fit great and the installation was a breeze.

I highly recommend A+Redemption.

FS-005 - Forest Cafe

Nate B. from Arlington Heights, IL with our Camel fabric for his Woodard chair sling replacement:

I have a 10+ year old wrought iron patio set. When I moved to a new house, the slings on a couple of the chairs got torn which caused them to be unusable. I ordered the replacement slings using the instructions from the website and the slings fit perfectly! I now have the use of all my chairs again. Thanks!

Frank Z. from Parma, OH with our Olive Tea Leaf fabric patio chair replacement slings:

I would like to let you know that the slings are beautiful and the
installation went relatively smooth, my patio set looks new again. Nice job
and thank you very much for your help!

Frank Z.

Jim and Jacquelyn E. from Mesa, AZ with our Putty fabric sling replacements on their Agio patio furniture:

Just thought I'd drop you a note and include a picture of the finished
product.  We are finally back together.  Thanks for all your help in our
"rehab".  We even purchased the spreader bar you suggested and the job
 went a lot easier.  Thanks again.  I've recommended your site to several of
 our friends who would like to do the same.

 Jacquelyn E.

21 of our Commercial Chaise Slings in our Desert fabric for the Grand Vista Hotel pool furniture in California:


Cheryl & Verle from Ohio with our Green Bamboo Leaf fabric replacement slings for their Woodard patio furniture chairs:

Green Bamboo Leaf

Thank you for your help with this order--

the chairs look great, as you can see!

Cheryl & Verle

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